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Number 001 in BELAC "CAL" and BELAC "TEST” of the ISO 17025 accredited laboratories in TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY our laboratory offers the BEST UNCERTAINTIES, the BIGGEST RANGE of measures, and the LONGEST EXPERIENCE in these accreditation domains on the Belgian market.

LBT Testing & Calibration is accredited to provide services in the LABORATORY and on SITE as much from the point of view for the CALIBRATION of measuring equipment as the VALIDATION of cabinets.

BELAC is the Belgian accreditation authority whose certificates are recognized in Belgium as well as abroad. BELAC is indeed a signatory of all the multilateral signer of all the approvals and recognitions that exist today within the framework of the EA (European Cooperation for Accreditation), such as the MLA (EA multilateral agreement).
The laboratory does not sell equipment and so keeps its objectivity. It is not selfish in giving advice, such as on the choice of equipment, its usage and the calculation of uncertainties. Furthermore, the laboratory participates in inter-comparison surveys as well as in studies with the largest laboratories at an international level.

The laboratory completely concentrates its efforts in the field of thermometry and of hygrometry. The staff assists the latest developments in these domains and supplies the best services.
We also offer TRAINING and SUPPORT in any QUALITY initiative to install metrology in your laboratories.

As a customer of LBT Testing & Calibration, you will deal directly with our metrologists. No intermediary, but a competent interlocutor, concerned about quality rather than profit. Moreover, our prices are competitive considering the quality of our services.

The laboratory performs its calibration as soon as possible, which results in reduced unavailability of your equipment.

If you would like to learn more or describe a problem to us and find a concrete solution, do not hesitate to contact us.

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