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LBT can take responsibility for all of your
instruments. We sub-contract for the
scopes that are not covered by
our accreditation areas





LBT is, of course, open to
all metrological requests
outside our accreditation areas.
Services provided with traceability
  - Electrical calibration
     - Simulator
     - kaye Validator 2000, Digistrip

  - Conductimeter
     - Conductivity with reference test specimen solutions
     - Temperature under accreditation

LBT provides its services in its own laboratories
or in yours as much from the point of view for temperature and humidity calibration
as from the point of view of the
characterization of thermic
and climatic cabinets






LBT has the skills in house
that gives it a large facility to
be adaptable when confronted
with problems. This is how we have
developed and validated temperature
measuring equipment specific to PCR.

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